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About us
The Informatics Cricket Club (ICC) is a collection of people interested in playing (an informal) game of cricket and in some ways related to the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. We are always looking for new players at all levels. This webpage will hold pointers to all the latest cricket activity in informatics. For information on the current season schedule and results, please look here. The best way to stay in touch is by joining our mailing list.

Current Season Information
We play midweek Intra-mural (IM) games during the early part of the season and midweek friendlies during the  latter half. Most games start at 5pm and are usually 20-overs a side. We also organize intermittent indoor/outdoor practice nets. Detailed information about our current season including fixtures, schedules and results can be accessed here.

Averages & Historical Match Reports
[2006 Averages][2005 Averages][2004 Averages]
Historical Match Reports: 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

Pitch Locations
Peffermill (Home Ground) // Double Hedges // Inverleith // Meadows


For more information on the cricket team or for joining it, contact Bill, Toby or Sethu.
Bill and Toby created an older version of this webpage which was revamped by Sethu in 2006. A wiki to hold current current season information was started in 2007.